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The bevel-sharp is made by the Vintage Archery Co. in The U.S.A. It consist of a fine 600 grit DMT® diamond stone combined with a quality leather strop in a credit card size package. This double sided laminated hone is the perfect companion in the wilds of Alaska, or in the shops or office. Originally designed for the archer to keep their broadheads and knives hunt ready it has become very popular with other outdoors men, wood carvers, crafters and tradesmen. The 3"x2" dimension and a weight of less than 2 oz. makes it easy to carry anywhere. The Bevel–Sharp is unique and makes a great gift. Not only will the craftsman appreciate this handy item but anyone using knives, broadheads ,and wood working tools. Sharp tools are a pleasure to use , dull tools are dangerous  The Bevel Sharp comes with its own vinyl carrying case with imprinted instructions on use and care.

DIAMOND HONE We chose the DMT stone for the bevel-sharp as it is the best on the market and made in the USA. With proper maintenance and use it can last a lifetime!

LEATHER Only select leather is chosen for our strop. Lot of research and due diligence has gone into our leather selection. We have listened to all the arguments on whether the leather should be vegetable tanned or chrome tanned. Should the rough side be facing up or the smooth side ? Can a bevel be stropped on just plane leather or should the strop be loaded with a stropping compound? All options were considered. We have concluded that vegetable tanned cow hide meets our needs and is our leather of choice for our strop. (The argument against chrome or mineral tanned leather is that it stains the metal. This is true if used for a knife scabbard or a gun holster when metal and leather would be in contact for extended periods When chrome or mineral tanned leather is used on a strop it has no proven negative effect) We do like the workability of vegetable tanned leather for strops and that has influenced our choice. We elect to use the smooth side of the leather up on the bevel-sharp as we have concluded that the smooth side is more versatile allowing the strop to be used with or without compounds.

Some say that leather without a compound will not sharpen. We believe that is not correct. Leather by itself will realign the burr on a cutting edge or remove it. We agree that compound helps speed the process. Remember when stropping you are polishing the steel smoothing the edges. This can be accomplished with or without compounds. The bevel-sharp dimensions are 3 ¼” x 2 “x 1/16” 


Stropping Compound There are as many ideas and opinions about stropping compounds as there are about strops. We offer aluminum oxide powder. It is cheap and easy to use with the bevel-sharp or any other leather strops. It does an excellent job. An ounce goes along way and last for what seems like an eternity. If you choose to use a compound this will get you started. Just scoop out a small amount with the blade tip and work it into the strop.

Check out the "How to Strop" page for tips or watch this video on sharpening and stropping using the Bevel-Sharp

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